About Us

In our 25 years in the fencing industry in Taylor, we managed to maintain the same quality that we promised from day one. It was not a walk in the park, but the fruits of our labor are absolutely sweet. Since 1995, our goal remains to be the same; to provide the residents of Taylor with fences that they can rely and depend on, and to make our customers smile by satisfying their needs.

As a trusted fence contractor in Taylor, we see to it that we stay true to our promise. With our dedication and passion to serve the community, we get to serve the property owners with fences that they can trust. It is essential for fences to be able to give the property protection and to keep the people in it safe and sound. And it will only be possible with reliable fences.

Over the years, we managed to grow the variety of products that we support to cater to more needs. As a known fence contractor, we closely see to it that we get to give the needs and the wants of our clients for their fences. Taylor is quite a complex neighborhood, with a wide variety of needs. And we see to it that we get to provide nothing less than they expect of us. Moving forward, we will see to it that we will continuously improve in doing so.

Same with our products, our processes have improved as well. With our years of experience, we managed to formulate excellent procedures to enhance our efficiency. As a business, it is important that our productivity matches our efforts. With that, we get to maximize the outputs that we produce in a given time. Not to mention that it lifts the performance of the business.

We also work on boosting employee morale. Our people are the core of our business. While clients and customers are important, we believe that the team is more important. It is easier to replace clients than to look for new workers that we can trust. A good employee who has passion for the job is impossible to replace. To keep them satisfied and empowered, we make sure they are appreciated and well-compensated.

On top of all of that is making sure that we are fulfilling our corporate social responsibility. As a company, we have duty towards the community that we live in. Aside from providing livelihood through employment, we also conduct programs to teach them valuable skills that they can use for a lifetime. Apart from that, as much as we can, we source our raw materials from local suppliers. We believe that local businesses should support other local businesses.

For a fence company that you can rely on, The Taylor Fence Company is here for you. Our promise is to give you quality products and services, and we can assure you that we will keep our promise. Your peace of mind is guaranteed once our fences are up in your property. For inquiries, call us at 313-385-4349.