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For those who prefer complete privacy, the Cedar wood fence would surely be a good option to go for. It works best in maintaining a property concealed. While fences serve as barrier against intruders and crime perpetrators, not all fences are as private as Cedar wood fences. Some fences, although secured, do still have gaps, which means that there is not enough privacy still. But with the Cedar wood fences, we can guarantee you of complete privacy.

This type of fence comes in two different styles to fit different preferences. The first type is the Standard Privacy Type.  With this type of Cedar wood fence, the Cedar wood planks are fixed together on the sides facing a single direction securing the gaps. This is certainly suitable for those who want the best type of privacy. Meanwhile, the Shadowboxing type provides less privacy, which is unlike the former. With this, the wood planks are fixed together also on the sides, but while facing alternating directions. This position allows gaps in between planks. If your preference leans towards less private yet fancy fences, we suggest this.

Aside from the privacy, the Cedar wood fence is loved by property owners because of how it enhances the aesthetic value of the property. Wood is a classic material that adds sophistication. At the same time, it is timeless, which means that it won’t surely go out of style.

Rest assured that these Cedar wood fences are durable. The Taylor Fence Company guarantees that this type of fence can last up to a decade with sufficient maintenance work. In case you are confused as to which type of Cedar wood fence you need; our team can definitely help you choose by evaluating your needs and preference. For the best fences, make sure to purchase from your trusted fence company. For inquiries, call us at 313-385-4349.

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