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To live beside the road is a dream for most. Roadside properties are among the most coveted types of properties because of its convenience and the ease of access. But living in an ideal location also comes with a price. Being by the road is not all rainbows, as this position can also be risky. Since road mishaps frequently happen, it puts roadside properties in danger. However, it is not all hopeless. The Taylor Fence Company has the perfect solution for you in the form of guard rails.

Installing a guard rail can help ensure that your property is safe and well-guarded. These structures are strong enough to prevent any crashing vehicle from inflicting damage on your property. It is the best safety measure that we can recommend for roadside properties.

The guard rails are available in three different types. These three types differ in material and strength.

  • Three-strand Cable

If you are looking for a basic protection for your property, this is the best choice for you. It has no car stopping capacity, but it can slow down the vehicle to minimize the impact and the damages. Best for properties by quieter roads due to its basic capacity. This type costs the least of all.

  • Wood Guard Rails

Although this type is not the strongest material, it has better car stopping capacity than the former. It can stop speeding cars from getting into your property. Only that it is not as robust, which means that it may need replacement if it incurs major damages.

  • Steel Guard Rails

Of all the three types, this can provide supreme protection against accidents. It is very durable and can endure powerful impact. If you want the best protection and security, this is your best bet.

For the best performing guard rails, make sure to consider our products. For inquiries, call us at 313-385-4349.

Guard rails Installation Taylor