Simtek Fence Installation Taylor

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If you are up to be a little adventurous with your fence choice, you might want to consider a Simtek fence. It is fairly new in the market but has instantly become a favorite for lots of property owners. It has all the ideal characteristics for a fence such as beauty, affordability, and durability. It is not often that you get all these in just one product.

These fences are also sometimes called Allegheny Fence or Sherwood fence. The Simtek material comprises of plastic as its main component. However, different from the plastic that we know, the Simtek use polyethylene which is resilient and durable. Opposite of the brittle plastic that we know, the Simtek fence can endure extreme weather conditions and powerful impact. No need to worry about scorching heat as this material has been sun stabilized to prevent melting.  On top of that, it has galvanized steel within to keep further reinforce its strength.

It will surely complement your property as it is available in different textures. Property owners can choose among Bufftech Sherwood, Simtek Ecostone Privacy, and Simtek Ecostone Style. These textures can serve as an upgrade since it can add the more sophisticated vibe. Aside from that, you can also choose the color that you want on your Simtek fences. We offer a wide variety of color options. But you can certainly never go wrong with classic choices like brown, red, and beige.

Although very promising in terms of strength and exquisiteness, this fence is also available at a good price. For only $1800 dollars you can have this beauty in your home. However, take note that the price may still change as there are factors that can affect the final price of the fence.

We can guarantee you that these fences can make the difference for your property. For inquiries, call us at 313-385-4349.

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